Nicholas Estefan

Nicholas Estefan

Associate Financial Advisor

Nicholas Estefan

Nicholas joined Alpha upon earning his Master’s degree in Personal Financial Planning at Texas Tech University. Before studying Financial Planning, his drive to help people led him to a degree in Psychology. This experience gave him a deep understanding of human emotions and insight into how to navigate difficult situations. Nicholas is passionate about connecting with clients by listening to them, identifying their core needs, and implementing solutions to better their lives. He believes it is the intersection of Financial Planning and Psychology where advisors can truly make a positive impact on each client’s life.

Nicholas is keenly aware of the risks faced by clients who are looking for someone to entrust their finances because of his own family’s experiences. That is why he is adamant about delivering advice on a fee-only platform as a fiduciary. Nicholas wants to build strong relationships with clients so they can live with the peace of mind that their finances are in order and in good hands.

While studying, Nicholas found himself traveling across the country for knowledge outside of the classroom. The knowledge he acquired from experienced professionals at FPA (Financial Planning Association), NAPFA (The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors), and FTA (Financial Therapy Association) was paramount to his growth as a financial planner.

Like some of his colleagues, Nicholas is curious about international cultures. He has traveled to several countries, including Colombia, Italy, and France. He recently set foot in Asia for the first time when he traveled to Taiwan. He believes that while each culture is unique, people are fundamentally similar. Nicholas enjoys learning more about people and finding ways to connect with them. As he is brand new to Charlotte, Nicholas is excited to explore the great outdoors with his girlfriend and his golden retriever puppy.

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